Veterinary Services

Large Animal Veterinary Services

Lewiston Veterinary Clinic is your local source for large animal veterinary care. You will be able to ensure that your livestock is healthy and track its breeding potential.

Large Animal Services in Lewiston, MN

cow standing in grass

Livestock Services

  • Udder health consultation
  • Chute work
    • Pregnancy diagnosis
    • Vaccinations
    • Parasite Control
    • Castrating
    • Dehorning
  • Vaccinations
  • Reproductive ultrasound
  • Reproductive management and evaluation
  • Drug residue prevention
  • Individual animal evaluation and emergency services
goat standing on grass

Sheep and Goat Breeding Soundness Exam (BSE)

BSE evaluates the reproductive potential of the male members of your livestock. The examination includes:

  • Palpation
  • Measurement of external organs
  • Semen evaluation for bulls, rams, and bucks
    • Motility
    • Morphology or appearance
    • Count
lvc diagnostic services

In-House Diagnostic Lab

The clinic has an in-house diagnostic lab that can take care of the tests that will keep your livestock’s health on track. If further testing is necessary, we will send samples to another lab. Some of the tests available in-house include:

  • Milk cultures
  • Liver and kidney blood values
  • Calcium and phosphorous levels
  • Red and white blood cell counts