Veterinary Services

Nutritional Pet Supplies

Lewiston Veterinary Clinic has the nutritional products you need to keep your pet healthy. We carry both Hill’s Science Diet and Royal Canin prescription foods. We also carry dental treats such as Greenies, OraVet, Hill’s Dental Care Chews, and DentaHex chews.

Nutritional Pet Supplies in Lewiston, MN

nutritional pet food

Nutritional Food and Treats

You can pick up the nutritional items your pet needs from our clinic at the time of your animal’s appointment or stop by to pick it up during our business hours. Some of the items available include:

  • Science Diet for cats and dogs
  • Treats and other nutritional items
  • Royal Canin for prescriptions
hills to home pet food

Hill’s to Home

Hill’s Pet Nutrition now offers a home delivery service for pet food, called Hill’s to Home! They deliver all of their products directly to your home, including:

  • Hills Science Diet
  • Healthy Advantage
  • Prescription Diets

Prices are comparable to purchasing food directly from our clinic and other online food delivery companies. Call us or stop in to find out more & we will start your registration process!